[audio] Deeper level of forgiveness

Uncategorized Nov 06, 2022
Shawn Marshall
[audio] Deeper level of forgiveness

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Relationships can be the source of both your greatest joy, and also the source of your greatest heartbreak, can't they?


Especially when someone wrongs you, it can be so dang hard to forgive and let it go.


There's an art, and a process, to letting go of pain, sadness, hurt, and resentment. And when you do, you free up energy that was locked in negative and toxic thoughts, experiences, and beliefs.


That energy is then available for you to focus forward, on what you REALLY want, which must include peace, connection, freedom, and love, amongst other things.


I recorded an audio for you on this topic, go ahead and give it a listen by clicking play above...


[go listen and then come back]


Who is it that comes to mind that you are ready to forgive? Or, forgive at a deeper level?


Maybe it's you that you get to forgive?


Put this into practice today my friend and you will feel so much better to let go of energy that's not serving your greatness!


You have SO MUCH more power to create the life that you want and this is a big piece of it.




PS- Forgiveness has the ability to unlock stuck energy, personal power and freedom.


It's a big part of transforming your life because it's difficult to fully thrive when you have energy locked up on someone else (which could include yourself).


Clarity, joy and a sense of lightness all come back when you allow yourself to forgive.


Cutting ties with your past and forgiving others (and yourself), allows you to redirect mental & emotional energy toward your purpose, fulfillment, and serving others at a greater level.


I guide my clients through a deep dive, examining all domains of their lives that are important to them (relationships, career, purpose, health, fun, their spiritual practices, money/ wealth, and more), in my Inner Game Mastery 9 month coaching program.


They get the opportunity to free up loads of energy, let go of subconscious programming that has been running their lives and robbing them of what they really want. They get to build new belief systems that align to where they deeply want to go next in their lives.


Not that it would be bad, but I don't take large groups through this process. This is a very intimate and exclusive, high touch coaching experience with myself and a very small group of motivated people who are committed to their personal growth (6 people max per pod).


If this sounds like something you feel ready for -- you are ready to break up with living a mediocre life (according to your own inner knowing of what you are on this planet for) -- then we should chat about Inner Game Mastery IV.


Drop me a message with "Inner Game" in the subject line to let me know you are interested and we'll get on a call to chat about what life could look like for you over the next 9 months if you were playing full out at your full capacity




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