[audio] It's about who you are becoming

Uncategorized Nov 09, 2022
Shawn Marshall
[audio] It's about who you are becoming

Hey my friend!


I'm about to board a flight to Florida for the Bruce Lipton + Michael Beckwith event and wanted to get this to you before I take off.


This is so important to understand and when you 'get' what I share in today's audio, it's a complete game changer.


If you've found yourself frustrated that you...

  • Aren't hitting your goals
  • Are confused about what to do with your life
  • Want to transform one aspect of your life but it's not working
  • Or anything similar...


It's partly because you are focusing on the wrong thing.


You are focused on...

  • The goal (and that's not inspiring you forward)
  • The problem (that's just keeping you stuck on the problem)
  • The fact that you are off track (i.e. beating yourself up or feeling badly)
  • What you DON'T want
  • How difficult it is to get started
  • Etc...


If any of that is remotely close to your experience, you've gotta shift and try a different approach.


Rather than focusing on the goal, focus on who you are becoming in the process. Connect to who you would need to be IF you were living your dream life, and become that person...NOW.


I recorded an audio for you, give it a listen above...




PS- I spoke to someone yesterday who said she "Has been procrastinating talking to me for too long." When I asked what inspired her to reach out, she said...

  • I need to step up my game & playing full out
  • It's time to make a committed
  • It's GO TIME

Now, a lot of people say that, but not everyone means it. She was serious. She's got a mission and a message that she wants to share with people, a new career she wants to start (in her early 50s), and is tired of procrastinating.

With that, she was serious about changing her destiny and enrolled into Inner Game Mastery to put action behind the words. Super cool!

If that's "YOU" and you keep saying to yourself anything like...

  • I should book a call with Shawn
  • That Inner Game Mastery thing sounds like exactly what I need

Then stop procrastinating! 

You have a deep calling to make a big shift in your life. I know it can be scary. But, it is just as scary to think about being at the end of your life and WISHING that you had trusted yourself, played full out, and lived the life that you deeply wanted to.

Drop me an email with "let's go" if you are ready to chat about your VISION and see if it's a fit to work together in my Inner Game Mastery 9 month coaching program.

This is a INTIMATE group of 6 people max, so you will get a lot of hands on attention + coaching from me.

Reach out if you are ready to chat


PPS- Let me know if you are at the Bruce Lipton event


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