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Uncategorized Nov 09, 2022

Great day my friend!


You are shaping your character each day.


Your character is important to how you operate, and also, how you will operate.


You see, if you have found yourself in a position in life that you are not happy with – your job, your relationship (or lack of one), your health, etc – you may find yourself thinking, and behaving in ways that are actually drilling you down DEEPER into the situation that you say you want to change, like…

  • Cutting corners
  • Wasting time
  • Doing LESS than your best
  • Not keeping your word to yourself or to others
  • Having a poor attitude


And if that’s true, you are prolonging your situation, the one you say you don’t want to be in.


In order to shift your position, you’ve got to act and think in a way that’s aligned with…

  • Who you want become
  • The life that you want to create.


As in, now.


You cannot “wait until things change” in order to start acting in accordance with the future version of yourself, the one that you know deep down you are.


It won’t work that way.

Your thoughts, words, actions, and your attitude are all CREATING the future version of yourself -- right now!


You must shape your character NOW - regardless of how much you 'want' things to change - SO THAT you can close the chapter you are in, and start to create the one that you deeply want.

It's both in your darkest moments, and in your greatest moments, that your character is molded.

So, get clear on the version of yourself that you know deep down you are, and become that version of yourself right now.


What’s that stir up for you my friend?


Hit reply and let me know.


Talk to you soon.



By the way, this is something I work with my clients on, almost daily, in my Inner Game Mastery coaching program.


If you can see the value in shaping your character in a way that aligns with the future you deeply want, drop me an email with "character" in the subject line and we'll set up a call to discuss


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