When no one's looking [part 3 of 3]

Uncategorized Nov 03, 2022

Hey my rockstar reader!!


Over the past two days I shared parts1 + 2 of a 3 part series with you called ‘When no one’s looking.’

This is really about the ENERGY of...

  • Being Your Word [part 1]
  • Doing Your Best [part 2]
  • Your attitude [part 3]


So let's get into the ENERGY of your attitude, and how that IS creating your experience, and your results.

This is subtle, and may seem small. But, like a SMALL HINGE moves big doors, your energy creates big results.


A good attitude will create altitude 📈


I just made that up, but it has a good ring to it doesn’t it?


And I’d say it’s true.


It’s also true in the opposite direction...

A poor attitude will bring you down 📉


So let’s talk about attitude.


And since the theme of this 3 part series has been “When no one’s looking” – I'm inviting you to look at your attitude when you are all alone.

  • How about in the morning as you are prepping for your day? 
  • How about when things get difficult or don't go your way?
  • How about in conversation with strangers, what’s your inner attitude?


Are you generally…

  • Rushed? Grumpy? Bitter? Angry?
  • You operate as if “life is happening to you?” or "Life isn't fair"
  • Wishing life was something different than it actually is?
  • Hoping for things to change, which may point to a lack of gratitude for what is, and then resignation to the brilliance of the present?

How’s your attitude about your job? Financial situation? The state of the world?


Do you have a tired and grumpy attitude when you are all alone for, let's say, the first hour of the day, but at first contact with someone else, you're all smiles.




I am a believer, and this is something that I coach into, that you can change your state in ANY and EVERY given moment.


Happiness, joy, energy…


They are all a choice.


So sure, you could be grumpy all by yourself, and then simply choose to be joyful and grateful at the first contact with others.


And, I’d have to ask…


Is it authentic?


Or, is it a show?


And, if it’s authentic, then why would you choose to be grumpy all morning when you are with the #1 most important person (yourself) and then turn on your happy face around others?


Another example…


When you are all alone, are you grateful…

  • For what you have?
  • For the money you DO make?
  • For the clothing, food, and shelter that you DO have?
  • For the job that you DO have?
  • For the brain, eyes, sense of smell, and body that you DO have?
  • For your ability to dream?


Or, are you upset and stressed about what you DON’T have?


You see, your attitude has an energy to it.


And it’s your energy that’s attracting your results into your life.


You cannot attract higher level results into your life when you do not have a good attitude.


Not a fake good attitude.


An actual good attitude.


So, this one is subtle.


Just like doing your best, and being your word (parts 1 + 2 of this series).


But don’t confuse subtle for not powerful.


These subtle energy shifts that I’ve shared with you have the ability to radically change your life, and how you feel about your life.


So my friend, if you’d like to do a deeper dive on these 3 energy secrets, then join me tomorrow for the *3 energy secrets* workshop.


The life that you want is not out of your hands.


And you are probably not as far away from that life as your mind wants to make it to be.


Focus on these 3 areas and I guarantee you will transform your life…


  • Being your word
  • Doing your best
  • Your attitude


Which one landed the most for you over the past two days?


And are you coming tomorrow?


Hit reply and let me know.





PS- If you are feeling stuck, confused as to what your 'purpose' is, disconnected from your passion, and/ or off track from the life that you deeply want, join me tomorrow for the *3 ENERGY secrets workshop* Register here

PPS- This will be a consistent focus over the 9 months of my Inner Game Mastery coaching program. If you can see value in...

  • Learning to keep your promises to yourself and to others
  • Having the confidence in yourself to DECLARE specific results in your life and KNOW that you can and will deliver
  • Being in integrity with yourself (so, feeling good about your efforts + your path)

Then Inner Game Mastery would be a great experience for you.

If that resonates, hit reply with "Inner Game" in the subject line and we'll hop on a call to discuss.


PPS- Let me say this final thing that just came to me…


As I wrote that last little summary of today's writing, I realized that the first two (Being your word and doing your best) are two of the four agreements in Don Miguel’s book.


That wasn’t present to me as I wrote this, but since that thought came into my mind, I thought I’d share that.


I read that book almost 20 years ago and the principals are sound.


And, this series was not inspired from the book, it’s from the way I’ve been trained by my mentors, and the way that I coach my clients. Just didn’t want this to come across like I swiped it from the 4 agreements :).





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