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You are here because you have been getting a nudge to take your life in a different direction. While you’ve had success doing what you do, you know that you have a purpose in life, and you’ve known that for quite a while.

It may have started with a little whisper. But it’s become so loud that you can no longer ignore it.

The path you are on, while it has served you to this point, is coming to an end. Maybe it’s already ended.

Maybe you are trying to do the same thing you have done in the past, but you keep hitting a wall.

Look, you know that you are on this planet to do something great and you are ready to stop pretending that that isn’t true.

So, WELCOME! You are ready to Reinvent Yourself and I’m here to show you how.

Instead of filling your life with a bunch of words, I’m going to share a few gifts with you below. These will act as a starting point for you.. Choose the one that stands out the most. 

Or, choose all 3.

My recommendation is that you start taking action, so if you download all 3, make the commitment to watch the first one TODAY.

I’ll send you an email after you grab a gift, and if you feel called to respond, just know that I personally read every email!

You got this so let’s GO!

Choose a free gift now…

Alright my friend. I don’t know why you are down here still reading or looking for another sign. The sign was above so I’ll say it again: 

I know that you have been getting a calling, a little voice in the back of your head that won’t go away, that’s calling you to take your life in another direction

All the proof that you need that you are ready is that little voice.

Where’s it coming from??

Inside of you, isn’t it?!

So it’s time for you to stop the worrying, stop the procrastinating, stop doubting yourself, and stop waiting for something outside of you to give you the permission you have been waiting for to take your life in another direction.

The permission you need is inside of you.

The proof that you are ready is that little nudge that you’ve had to go in a different direction with your life.

So, let’s go!

I did it and now it’s your turn.

Grab one of the free gifts and let me start guiding you.


See you on the inside,



"I thought to myself at this time in my life to reinvent my life was far from my brain could even imagine - how, what do I need to do and does this guy, Shawn, know my answers I was looking for; as I wanted to think about retiring from m stressful, high paying job for the past 20-years. I can't put into words on how my brain reacted - one word FEAR! I'm here to tell you after 6-months working with Shawn I am thankful I did. I have retired and managed to stay in my home paying a monthly mortgage - something I had been freaking out about for years (how can I do this). I have reinvented into my stress free life without fear - anything is possible. Working with Shawn I have found tools to make my life stress free and to move forward with enjoying life and having fun. I highly recommend anyone to have a conversation with Shawn to Reinvent your life whatever it maybe - it is worth it."

Nancy Neves
1:1 Client

"Shawn was so helpful in getting me "unstuck." He listened and acknowledged my struggles, but showed me where I needed to reframe my thinking. He gave me lots of encouragement, along with some necessary honest feedback. I took away so many nuggets of wisdom and practical application, and I refer back to my notes when I need to get refocused on my vision and my power to stay unstuck and moving forward. I now have tools to help me, and a new mindset to guide me. Thank you, Shawn!" "

Arlene Wearsch
1:1 Client

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