[audio] Big risk, big reward

Uncategorized Dec 16, 2022
Shawn Marshall
[audio] Big risk, big reward

What's up friend!


You want the big reward (happiness, joy, freedom, money, relationship, living your PURPOSE) but your relationship to RISK will determine several things...

  • How long it takes for you to have THAT life
  • Whether or not you actually DECIDE that you are to have THAT life
  • How successful you are after CHOOSING to take the risk


I've developed my relationship with risk in such a way that I will risk EVERYTHING to have what I want. Period.


All chips on the table.


But what if I lose everything?


Well, my question is...


What's the COST of not risking??


You stay safe. But you will ALWAYS wonder "what if."


What if I did.


I recorded an audio for you about expanding your relationship with RISK so that you can accelerate living the life that you are deeply wanting to live. Give it a listen here...


Click the play button above to listen now.


So, what is the RISK that you are ready to take that you have been...

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Give it up

Uncategorized Dec 16, 2022

Hey friend!


In order to evolve, you must give something up.


In fact, every expansion that you undergo requires that you give something up.


In other words, you cannot expand your life [i.e- create new results, become a better version of yourself, make more money, grow your business to the next level, create a loving level 10 relationship] - without FIRST giving something up.


What must I give up Shawn?

  • Your stories
  • Your limiting beliefs
  • Playing small
  • Hiding and/ or isolating
  • Being right
  • Blaming/ being a victim
  • Laziness + procrastination
  • Shame + guilt
  • Hurt & sadness
  • Fear
  • Anger
  • ?


Now, I don’t mean that you have to give all of that up, today.


But then again, you could so don't let me limit you ;)


My take on it is to pick one or two that you KNOW are interfering with your next level of greatness, and let it go.


If you find that you have a desire to blame others, your past, your circumstances, your environment, or anything...

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[audio] Time & Money

Uncategorized Dec 15, 2022
Shawn Marshall
[audio] Time & Money

Hey hey my friend!


Want to have a breakthrough around money & time scarcity?


Click on the play button above and give this a listen....


 Have a great day!



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Cool idea

Uncategorized Dec 15, 2022

What's up my friend,


The world is full of cool ideas...

I send you cool ideas almost daily.
The books you are reading are most likely filled with cool ideas
The podcasts you listen to, more cool ideas

And then there are your deepest dreams…

Leave your job & start a business- cool idea
Have a loving, romantic, supportive, and adventurous relationship- cool idea
Travel the world while working remote- another cool idea

There is no shortage of cool ideas.

But there is a shortage of…

Implementation on your cool ideas
Belief in your ability to manifest your cool ideas
Commitment + discipline in practicing the cool ideas that you hear will transform your life

Look I know that you have a deep calling to either start a new chapter in your life, or expand your current chapter in a beautiful & intuitive way.

But you have something working against your truest mission all day, every day ==> Your mind.

There’s a part of your mind that is terrified of trying new...

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2 reasons you don't remember people's names

Uncategorized Dec 15, 2022

What's up my friend!


Do you ever meet someone and instantly forget their name? Something like…

  • A few minutes after they tell you their name you forget and have to ask them for a 2nd time, “What was your name again?” 
  • Or you walk away thinking something like “That was a great conversation, but what was their name again?
  • Or you see that same person a week later and have no clue what their name is?


Well, here are two reasons why you forget their name, and how to fix it.


1- You forget people’s names because you tell yourself the lie that “I’m bad with names”


Every time you say that, you are programming your mind to “quick, delete” so that you can be right about being bad with names.


How could you possibly remember their name when you tell yourself over and over that you are bad with names?


What, you think you were born with some gene that makes you bad with names?



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Focus on this instead of the goal

Uncategorized Dec 15, 2022

Hey my friend,

First, what’s the biggest goal that you have?

The one that you are NOT on track to. The one that you keep “trying” to achieve, but missing the target? The one that would be very meaningful for you to accomplish.

Maybe it’s…
- Losing weight
- Having more energy
- Building an audience for a new business
- Leaving a job that is no longer aligned which attracting one that is (including starting the business you've always dreamed of)
- Transforming your relationship into a level 10
- Attracting your dream partnership
- Or...?

Whatever it is, may I first ask, how long have you been working toward this goal unsuccessfully?

I ask that question because if your approach is not working, sometimes people get stuck in their ways and are afraid to change.

But, if you are doing the same thing over and over and not achieving the goal, then something must change!

I know that makes sense. But I know how stubborn your mind may be in holding on to the same...

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Right Now

Uncategorized Dec 15, 2022

Hey my friend!


Right Now


First off if you are celebrating Thanksgiving, happy Thanksgiving. If not, then happy day because what a blessing that you and I are here, sharing this message together :).


Let me start by reminding you of this: You are EXACTLY where you are supposed to be. Right here, right now. It’s perfect.


Right Now.


Right Now is…

  • All that you have. You don’t ‘have’ a past but you have a memory and experience of the past
  • You don’t have a future, but you have a thought and desire for a particular future
  • All that you do have is Right Now. And what a blessing that is

The very fact that you are able to read this and in breath fresh air as you do – what a gift.


Sometimes you get hung up in life by resisting your Right Now.


You wish that some aspect of Right Now wasn’t so.


You that you had…

  • A better relationship with so and so
  • A loving romantic partnership
  • Your...
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Thought Seeds

Uncategorized Dec 15, 2022

My friend,


Have you ever marveled at the amazingness of this…


A tiny seed, let’s say a pumpkin seed.


It’s smaller than a dime.


And when you drop it into the earth, adding a few nutrients, water, and some sun, what happens to that seed?


It grows from a tiny ‘life potential,’ from under the ground in the darkness, onto the surface, and into an edible gourd.


That’s amazing!


Well, your thoughts work in a similar way.


The very thoughts you have are like seeds.


And the ones you water with energy + focus turn into tangible things, experiences, and even people.


Both the ones you want.


And the ones you don’t want.


Monitor your “thought seeds.”


Release the ones that you DON’T want to harvest.


And nurture the ones that you do.


One more thing…


Some of your thoughts are deeply tied to beliefs.


Beliefs that...

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Re: The beauty in people and life

Uncategorized Dec 15, 2022

Hey my friend,


With Thanksgiving just a day away I wanted to share a note about looking for the good in people, and in life.


Not that you don’t already do that ;).


But sometimes, in some situations, around some people, and with some circumstances, it’s easy to lose sight of the beauty and see only what you don't like, or what's not working.


Sometimes it may feel like...

  • Life is happening to you
  • Pursuing your dreams is difficult
  • The world is falling apart
  • You are all alone
  • You are so different from others
  • You keep hitting a wall with someone that you love
  • Or you may simply just wish that a certain aspect of your life were different


Some of that may be true…


But, there is also so much beauty…

  • Inside of YOU
  • All around you
  • In the people near you


So whether you are spending time with family this week or not, this is a very pure reminder to look for the beauty in the people around you, in life, and of course,...

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They tied a baby elephant to a tree

Uncategorized Dec 15, 2022

Great morning my friend!


I'm sitting on a plane on my way to Michigan for the Thanksgiving holiday and wanted to get this off to you before we takeoff...


They tied the baby elephant to a tree.


I know this sounds terrible but it’s worth sharing because if it makes a difference for you, then this type of thing can have a positive side effect to it.


Elephant trainers learned something about elephants.


They learned that if they tie a rope to a steak in the ground, and then attach the rope to the elephant’s ankle, starting at a very young age, the elephant will learn that it cannot move so long as that rope is tied to its ankle.


When the elephant grows up, he is strong enough to pull the steak right out of the ground.


But, he doesn’t.


He learned at such a young age that he can’t move when that rope is tied to his leg.


It’s such a powerful belief to the elephant that when he grows up, the trainers...

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