Shifting Your Energy

Uncategorized Dec 15, 2022

 Quick msg today…



In the context of my forever question to you, “What do you want” let’s talk about energy.


There are TWO ways for you to “spend” your energy…


1- In ways that are NOT aligned to your greatest purpose and highest good.


2- In ways that ARE aligned to your greatest purpose and highest good.


What if it could be this simple?


I believe it can be.


In order to create the life that you are deeply feeling called to create, you must put your energy in motion in ways that are aligned to your greatest good.


So this is a reminder to take an energy check.


Are you placing more energy into…

  • What’s not working
  • What you are upset about
  • Complaining and/ or judging yourself and others 
  • Who you are upset at
  • How somebody else screwed you over
  • What you don’t want
  • Or anything similar?


If so, you may be sabotaging your own precious life...

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Your mind is vulnerable

Uncategorized Dec 12, 2022

Your mind is VULNERABLE.


Your mind is programmable – and that program is running your life.


Your mind’s current program is largely controlling your beliefs, your perception of life, your actions, and therefore your results.


95% of how you walk through life is being controlled via your subconscious mind.


You are operating from a PROGRAM, do you get it?


It’s the exact reason I stopped watching TV back in 2007 – I remember watching the “programming” channel to see what was on TV and thinking to myself “Shit, I’m being programmed.”


So my question for you today is, what are you allowing into your mind that’s programming YOUR operating system?


What media are you listening to? Is it the constant stream of doom & gloom, the sky is falling type of media? If so, you are being programmed with a message that is rooted in fear.


Fear Covid. Fear this group, fear that group. Fear...

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[audio] You are not your diagnosis

Uncategorized Dec 12, 2022
Shawn Marshall
[audio] You are not your diagnosis

What's up my cyber friend!

I was diagnosed with ADHD as a kid.


And I allowed the diagnosis and the label to weave its way into my brain, and then into my identity.


I thought there was something wrong with me.


I remember not being able to focus.


I went through a very frustrating first year of college because it was hard for me to read. I would sometimes have to re-read a paragraph 3 times. And I had to build study habits that were way different from my friends…it would generally take me 2-3x as long to read a chapter in a book.


Now, that's not the case! I can focus with the best of them.

And it's not that I'm "special" though I was put in a "special class" as a kid.

It's that I stopped buying the story that I was limited or that there was something wrong with me.

I transformed it!

If that resonates, give this a listen so that you too can DISSOLVE that which is not serving your greatness…


Click the play button at the top of...

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The lesson IS the blessing [🌟We got the house!]

Uncategorized Dec 12, 2022
Shawn Marshall
The lesson IS the blessing [🌟We got the house!]


I'm excited to share with you HOW Stacey and I shifted our energy and signed the paperwork for our new home last night! I'll share different aspects of this over a couple of emails.


Do you ever find yourself feeling frustrated in the process of calling in a big change?


Have you ever read the stories of those people who win the lotto and how they generally always go broke after winning millions? It's so common. You say, "How did you win one hundred million dollars and then go broke?"


The reason they go broke, and many of them end up in an even worse place than they were prior to winning those millions, is because they didn't get the EXPERIENCE of transforming themselves to BECOME the type of person who is a multimillionaire!


You see?


They skipped the line. And in the skipping of the line, they weren't energetically ready to walk on planet earth as a multimillionaire. They energetically aligned to WIN the money, but not to the version of...

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This movie got it right

Uncategorized Dec 12, 2022

Hey {{first_name}},


Quick message today…


Our flight is just about to take off, we’re headed back to Denver after an epic week in Florida!


I got this idea from Michael Beckwith yesterday.


He mentioned a movie, though I didn’t see that particular movie, so I’m using one that I know of…


The movie Rain Main, with Dustin Hoffman.


Did you see it?


What a great movie.


In the movie, the character Dustin Hoffman played was Raymond Babbitt, who was autistic.


Part of what made the movie so great (and this was the case with other movies that Dustin Hoffman played in), was that he BECAME the character.


He studied the role and practiced the mannerisms of the character until he became Raymond.


And he nailed it in the movie.


Many other actors do this as well of course. Some gain weight to BECOME the overweight character they are going to play. Others gain muscle to BECOME the warrior...

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[meditation] All of my needs are met

Uncategorized Dec 12, 2022

 I'm here in Florida for one more day and wanted to get a quick share off before I head back into the event.


Here's a very simple, yet powerful meditation for you to integrate. Michael Beckwith walked us through this today and I wanted to make sure to pass it on to you...


By integrate, I mean that...

  • It's one thing to read this statement
  • It's another thing to say it out loud a couple of times
  • It's another thing to meditate on it
  • But the ultimate goal is to say this until you change your BELIEF SYSTEM so that this is a truth and locked into your bones


So, embrace this as a practice rather than reading it, assessing whether or not it's true for you right now, and moving on.


Close your eyes, get present in your body and in this moment, and say to yourself "All of my needs are met."


Say it again!

All of my needs are met.

And again, and again, and again.


As you repeat this, connect in and notice where this IS already true in your life!


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[audio] I screwed up

Uncategorized Dec 12, 2022
Shawn Marshall
[audio] I screwed up

What's up friend!


Last week I led a workshop, going deep into a few key ways to get your energy + power back.


One of them being 'Keeping your word.'


So you can imagine my embarrassment when just a few days after that I was late to a meeting with a potential client .


If you know me, you know that's not normal.


I often tell people 'If I'm late, something's wrong.'


Because I'm always on time.


But, I wasn't the other day and I share about what happened + how I handled it.


*Hint: When I finally got onto the call, I didn't bring the "drama" of why I was late to the call, to the call...


Click the button on this page to listen...




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[audio] Money Breakthrough

Uncategorized Nov 09, 2022
Shawn Marshall
[audio] Money Breakthrough

Hey there fellow ROCKSTAR!!


I had this realization this morning about a money breakthrough I had.


Well, it's more than that.


It's a relationship breakthrough, money breakthrough, and abundance breakthrough.


So, I had to share.


YOU get to have a money breakthrough, and relationship breakthrough as well.


Heck, a financial advisor friend of mine told me that the #1 cause of divorces is MONEY.


So, I'd say that money and relationships go hand in hand, and your level of personal development around these two could make or break your money + relationship domain.


Give it a listen...



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Lessons from an FBI hostage negotiator

Uncategorized Nov 09, 2022

Hello my rockstar friend of the universe!!

I listened to an interview with an FBI hostage negotiator recently...

They got to talking about ‘what works’ and ‘what doesn’t work’ from a FBI hostage negotiation standpoint, when criminals rob a bank.


Picture any bank robbery scene from the movies where the bank robbers get trapped in the bank and end up on a phone call with the FBI or police negotiator.


He said what works to diffuse those situations is when the bank robber “feels that he or she has been heard.”


That's because the robbers often have some “cause” they are standing for by robbing the bank.


That “cause” is deeply important to the bank robbers.

While it may or may not make sense to anyone else -- well, that's irrelevant.


The bank robbers are willing to die, and/ or injure others, for their cause.


Putting yourself in the bank robbers shoes, you couldn’t probably...

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[audio] Deeper level of forgiveness

Uncategorized Nov 09, 2022
Shawn Marshall
[audio] Deeper level of forgiveness

Great morning my friend!


Relationships can be the source of both your greatest joy, and also the source of your greatest heartbreak, can't they?


Especially when someone wrongs you, it can be so dang hard to forgive and let it go.


There's an art, and a process, to letting go of pain, sadness, hurt, and resentment. And when you do, you free up energy that was locked in negative and toxic thoughts, experiences, and beliefs.


That energy is then available for you to focus forward, on what you REALLY want, which must include peace, connection, freedom, and love, amongst other things.


I recorded an audio for you on this topic, go ahead and give it a listen...

Who is it that comes to mind that you are ready to forgive? Or, forgive at a deeper level?


Maybe it's you that you get to forgive?


Put this into practice today my friend and you will feel so much better to let go of energy that's not serving your greatness!


You have SO MUCH more...

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